The One Click That Got Even a Procrastinator like Me to Start Blogging

For many years now I have been wanting to start blogging. But I never ever published a post. And I never really realized why.

Until about three weeks ago.

What happened?

Well, one simple click of a button led to the insight that was going to change the way I approach all my personal projects, including this blog.

I have always been efficient and able to get things done at work but my own spare time projects have literally been a mess. I started over a hundred hobby projects but only finished two of them.

Yes, you read me correctly! Only 2 out of 100+ projects!

I used to think this was because the projects kept my interest only as long as I was learning something from working on them. But that doesn’t really make sense. You always learn something when you accomplish a task.

So what was it?

Why did I end up finishing only those two projects out of a hundred?

They were not even the most interesting or motivating ones. They were not the smallest in scope, not even the easiest.

So what did they have in common?

Well, I’m gonna tell you: They were made for someone else.

And not in the sense that the other projects I worked on wouldn’t result in some product that would be usable for someone else. On the contrary, many of them might have become great products.

No, I mean for someone else in the sense that I made a promise to deliver to someone else.

So why did that help?

Well, research shows that people are more likely to deliver on a promise or commitment made to someone else than to themselves. The power of accountability to other people comes from our human desire to nurture and care about relationships.

So one key here is accountability.

But simply having committed to producing something might well turn out a depressing stress spiral if you aren’t able to get started due to feeling overwhelmed.

That is where having a plan of action is a good idea. When first attacking a larger project it will be overwhelming if you don’t break things down into small, actionable steps. It can be as simple as a to-do list text file where each step can be completed in a short amount of time, say around 30 minutes.

So key number two is a plan of action.

All of my unfinished projects lacked either accountability or an action plan.

I have been putting off finishing a product in order to start something new just because nobody would care. Or I have been committing to something I didn’t know how to start. Or both.

In the case of starting and running a blog, it was both. I am a procrastinator and a perfectionist when it comes to that type of project.

  • I can write the post tomorrow.
  • I need more knowledge.
  • I need to perfectly plan out the order and contents of my posts first.
  • I should spend time on the look of my site.
  • I need to learn everything about SEO.
  • I must become a perfect writer first.
  • I need to appeal to a large audience and write blog posts for everyone before I put my site out of “under construction” mode.

Can you see where I’m going with this? Did you recognize any of these lines of thought from your own to-be blog project?

These are all excuses. Excuses that can be battled.

The One Click Solution

Now, in the headline, I mentioned: The One Click that got me out of it.

This was when I signed up for John Sonmez’ blogging course.

It is a free email course that just so happens to be in a format that is very accessible and provides you with a plan of action that is easy to implement even with very little time to spare. (I would know, I have twin babies and a five-year-old)

He has also formatted the course in a way that makes you feel accountable to him which was what got me to react and give this some thought in the first place.

Because it was working.

I got a blog started and have published the first blog post of my life (this one). And I know how to keep going.

And so can you.

The strength of this course didn’t come from the information in it. To be honest, information is rarely a problem. Actually getting started and doing it is.

I mean, everyone knows exactly how to loose weight. But not everyone actually does it.

It starts with a commitment, to yourself or most preferably someone else. Then you have to start taking action and set yourself up with a just-do-it attitude to keep going.

So if you are like me and are having trouble starting and running your blog, be sure to head over here and sign up for this free kick-start course.

No previous skills required.

Who knows, you might just become a star blogger. So go ahead and start blogging now.

Go ahead and leave a comment below and share your own experiences.

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Theresia Hansson has worked several years as a software engineer within the game industry and on several game engines, including EA's Frostbite Engine. She is passionate about tools and workflows for creating games and loves to share her knowledge with the community.

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